The Badger Elsewhere: Roundup 1

Hello. I thought I’d do a round-up of Stuff What I’ve Had Published Elsewhere Recent(ish)ly. In vague order of appearance:

Almost Too Late to Learn to Take Care (Dear Damsels)- this is, I think, a poem for and about people who don’t hold hands as much as they’d like to.

Curtained Off (Dear Damsels) – this is a Tidal Swell, which is a form devised by Laurie Ogden off of Barbican Young Poets and Antonym Theatre and Spare the Poets and basically you should follow her on Twitter because she’s ace. She showed me the form in a Barbican workshop last year and I wrote the first draft of this poem and then we sat there trying not to cry for a little while because we were both having one of those days.

The Policeman Hopes (the murmur house) – so. This poem makes me nervous, because it’s definitely true but I worry that it’s also police apologist. All police officers have a responsibility and even if most of them fail to meet it (which I know is true) they are still people with stories and this is an attempt at setting out one of these stories. Take as you will, I’ll get it if you don’t like it.

Unsettled (Ink in Thirds) – I am a country bumpkin. This was brought home to me recently because at work I now sit next to someone who grew up even more countryside than I did and he has definitely adjusted better to London than I have. But moving = changing and this is a poem about that.

Trainees (Twisted Sister) – needs a gore warning.

Whittler (Twisted Sister) – does not need a gore warning. Contains the word ‘serviceably’, even though an editor gave me feedback once that no poem should contain the word ‘serviceably’, because while I am normally pretty amenable to feedback I have stuck to my guns on this one, on the grounds that it is the word for the thing I am trying to say.

If you want to be alerted to stuff like this as it happens you can follow me on Twitter @AnnaCarlaKahn.

This is the point at which I realise I have no idea how to finish a blog post which isn’t a poem pretending to be a blog post.




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