NaPoWriMo: Teaching Herself to French Braid

She is acute elbows and kirby grip teeth
(bobby pin teeth according to YouTube).
She struggles to find flow – a date
once told her you can tell how wise
a person is by how far back
they hold their chopsticks

but she can’t determine
whether these strands are like that,
where she would be wise to grip.
Everything slips out from under itself
whenever she moves it.
Her eighth attempt holds, if only just.

It is wonky. (This is expected;
she is perpetually wonky-haired.
As a teenager she thought her inability
to eyeball her pigtails into symmetry
was a side effect of her poor
spatial awareness until one of the mums

doing the make-up for a school play
used the word uneven about her face.
This when she was held still for being
made up has left her fixated on mirrors
forever spirit-levelling her eyebrows
wondering who in this situation she ought to forgive.)

Hello! I’m doing #NaPoWriMo this year, largely because Gabriel Akamo is and I’m impressionable. I’m not going to be posting all 30 poems on here because that would take up a disproportionate amount of blog – I’ll be posting them daily on Twitter (@AnnaCarlaKahn) and putting my favourite one or two a week up on here.

This is the first one – I wrote it at about half twelve this morning. (My aim is to have at least one night’s sleep between writing a thing and posting it in case it’s utter shite and I need to come to my senses.) Today I’ve written drafts of poems two and three.

Happy April, all. :)


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