Sorting Between Complicity and Tact

Remember how a week after Sadiq Khan 
      broke his fast onstage 
      during a mayoral debate 
you were on a bus trying 
      to explain to a friend why this had made you cry 
and your friend kept saying but you’re not 
      even Muslim 
and you tried to bear in mind that she is not 
      from a culture where food means trust 
      or turns a table into a family which extends to strangers
and you could have told her as I understand it iftar is not only a matter 
      of putting fuel into a body - he was eating with all of us 
and you could have told her he was making family
      from the audience and trusting it would not lose him 
      voters whose support would have been 
      unthinkable a generation ago
and you could have told her you don’t have to love 
      his policies to love that he has a chance at this, 
      that he is not unthinkable 
and you could have told her he looked like hope
      for loved ones exhausted 
      by all the ways they are still unthinkable
and maybe you could even have told her I can hear 
      the undertone of ‘don’t your lot hate his lot?’ 
      in your voice
      and I like you a lot less than I did five minutes ago
but this would have been a nuclear option so 
      you said, the UKIP guy was so narked, 
      it was beautiful 
and she laughed 
and you changed the subject?



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