Noodles by Sunflowers

The girl on the next bench has been on the phone
since I got here, boyfriend staring at their joined hands.

I eat a mouthful. Another. Another. Look up.
The boyfriend is on my bench holding his phone

at an angle which makes me think he might
be taking pictures of me over his shoulder

because I am a fat woman eating in public
and this sometimes happens

especially if I am eating fast food
like this. Girl is still on the phone. Not watching.

I could stop but I’m hungry.
Tense mouthful. Tense mouthful.

I look at his screen. He has taken
photos but they are of the flowerbed.

He sees my look, turns and says hello, brightly
orthodontic. His grin is so un-London

that I tractor beam startle a return hullo
before I’ve done any risk assessment.

He says, she been on the phone too long.
I get bored easy.
I say, ah. He nods like this

makes a sensible unit of conversation and goes
to photograph the flowerbed more closely.

I eat.
Girl alternates laughing in French into her phone

with laughing in American at him.
I throw my containers neat and empty away.

He sits by her. She grabs his neck and yanks
his head under her chin. I walk off.


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