About the Badger

Anna Kahn is a Barbican Young Poets and Roundhouse Collective alumna and the host of the Unfinished Edits podcast. During the day she does something-or-other at a start-up. She spends most of her interstitial moments doodling, and has only recently stopped expecting to be told off for it.

If she were an animal she’d be a badger (bit grumpy, perpetually sleepy, propensity for curling up in an underground den bed and staying there a long as possible in the wintertime). Several years ago she expressed this sentiment to her partner-at-the-time while they were mid-swig of water, and the truth was so real that there were a few minutes when it looked like said partner might never breathe again.

Some of her stuff is on this website. Some of her stuff which is not on this website can be found here.